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Summer Camps

Summer Camps

We are so excited for Elite Riding Academy’s 2023 summer camps! 

If you aren’t already in riding lessons, you might be wondering what your child will need to participate. 


  • Attire in the barn is important for safety. A closed toed shoe is always encouraged in the barn. While riding, a sturdy boot with a heel is required as well as long pants and a helmet. A bike helmet will do, but we will also have a few loners here if needed. 
  • If your child has long hair, a low ponytail or a braid is preferred so the helmet can sit on the child’s head properly as well as keep the hair out of their face. 
  • Also consider sending them with a change of clothes if the weather is going to be hot. We want the kids to stay cool and comfortable while not riding. 
  • Please send your child with a water bottle. We want everyone to stay hydrated and will have a water cooler that is available for them to refill their water throughout the day. 
  • Pack a healthy lunch in an insulated lunch box, don’t forget an ice pack to keep the lunch cool. 

Summer Camps are Now Full, 
but feel free to reach out to us about future camp dates!

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